Innovative technology
This smart visitor counter gives you traffic statistics by analyzing signals emitted by smartphones. You can make settings (detection range and duration of presence) in order to have precise statistics. The maximum detection range is 25 meters.
Fast & easy setup
Simply plug the supplied USB drive into a computer or monitor and download the installer. The operation takes less than 5 minutes!
You have a 2 year warranty on the product. You can also contact us in case of problem, we will find a solution in any case. We are available for online support in case of questions. If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days with a full refund.
Endless possibilities
A counting solution that allows you to measure the number of passers-by, the flow of people in a store, the flow of people who pass by a screen or a terminal, the flow of people who come to your stand... The technology works regardless of the context or point of interest you want to measure
It's not magic, just technology
Installing a counting device has never been easier.
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We only improve what we measure!
Access unprecedented indicators on your traffic: number of visitors, frequency of visits, time spent...
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An internet connected computer, screen or video player
  • Windows, Linux or Android (>= 8)
  • 11 USB port
How it works
  • Connect the USB key to the computer or screen. It must be in the room where you want to count visitors
  • Download and install the counting.pro program on this computer
  • Consult the results on your customer area on counting.pro
    The solution you've been waiting for, at an unexpected price: €219.90
    The most economical professional solution on the market offering the most indicators, totally plug&play